Events Paris


Events Paris


It’s a party all year, or it can be if you know the places to go!

Once you have arrived there will be plenty to keep you busy, but depending on the time of year, here are a few ways you can keep the party going. See the activities, entertainment and trips and you’ll never want to come home! It’s a worry free event holiday.

All you need to do is tell us where you want to go, how many people are traveling and your budget and we will show you the fantastic package deals that we have on offer, what could be more simple?

Just some of the amazing events that take place each year…


Street Music Festival

You’ve heard of Jazz Fest, but this Street Music Festival offers one of the best line-ups of old school masters, up-and-coming rockers and way past their prime pop and hip-hop artists. It runs over three days and attracts 100,000 people.
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Summer Solstice Celebration

Kicking off summer in late June, this popular and crazy parade feels like something out of a movie. Live music, kids’ activities, food stands, a beer garden plus the arts-and-craft show all weekend long.
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Fall Fest

The entire city is filled during this long-running – if slightly overblown – festival celebrating our heritage. Festivities include outdoor bazaars and food markets, live music, dancing, horseback and rodeo events. It’s one big parade!
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River Cruiser Ride

Held every Wednesday night in the cruiser ride is one of the biggest you will find. Each week has a new theme to get dressed in the appropriate costume.
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